Also remember that, the lowest quote guaranteed and we will beat any other carpet cleaning quotes with the highest standards!

*We Wash your carpets with our World's Leading-Number 1 brand (RUG DOCTOR Professional). These Machines are the Latest Technology & High Performance Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaners on the market.

Lets see how these machines Clean & Wash:

Living room / Lounge starts from only:
Bedroom starts from only:
Staircases starts from only:
Hallways starts from only:
Bathrooms starts from only:
Rug Cleaning:
Between £9.00 - £29.00
Please note that these prices based on average size of carpet/property. Prices can be slightly different (less or more), depends on the size of the job.

Please call or email us for full property carpet cleaning quotes.

*We are also fully insured for Car/Vehicle Valeting.

For Upholstery Cleaning please call us for free, no obligation quote. The Prices may vary depending on the enquiries. 

*RUG DOCTOR Professional model is an ideal machine for use in large & high traffic areas that require frequent deep cleaning. Over six million users have already discovered just how effective this machines are, why not join them?

The three keys to effective carpet cleaning are generally where department store models fail in comparison to Rug Doctor:

1-INJECT: Getting enough cleaning solution (and the right cleaning solution) down into the carpet to loosen and suspend dirt.

2-AGITATE: This is very different from most machines which have rotary brushes and can have a matting effect. The back and forth motion of Rug Doctor's unique vibrating brush allows thorough cleaning of each fibre. The brush gets down in between the fibre to loosen dirt and grime. At the same time it helps raise the carpet nap to allow the vacuum a clear path to pull up the dirt and liquid.

3-EXTRACT: Powerful vacuuming action is essential to effective cleaning, without it, dirt and excessive moisture are left behind. Rug Doctor has up to twice the power of leading department store carpet cleaning machines.

*Tested and Approved for Superior Cleaning by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

*Extend the life of your carpet. Save thousands of pounds over the years by extending the life of your carpet. Rug Doctor deeply & hygienically removes dirt, germs, bacteria, microorganisms, pollen, other allergens, cigarette smoke, odors, mold, fungus, pet hair, pet stains, dropped food, spilled drinks, embedded soil and grit that damages carpet over time.

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*No need for booking or waiting. You can get cleaning services immediately, which means last minute cleaning services are available at anytime.
*We clean your home / office with over 15 years of experience, within the cleaning industry.

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